3 Benefits of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

3 Benefits of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage


Sexual Intimacy wasn’t spoken on much growing up; perhaps for the right reasons. I’ve always heard that I should wait until I’m married to have sex or be sexually intimate with someone and though I never fully understood the reason behind it, it always felt like the right thing to do.

I eventually learned that it came from the bible and that it is in fact, a commandment from God. Now that I’m much older I understand fully why we are commanded to keep that specific commandment. I’ve come to learn that sexual intimacy within the bonds of marriage deepens our connection to God, Strengthen bonds, and properly facilitates God’s commandment to procreate.

Connection with God

The First purpose of marital sexual intimacy, which I would like to highlight is a connection with God. Latter-day Saint writers and other Christians describe the sexual union of husband and wife as a “sacrament”. Gardner described sex in marriage as “an act of worship, a sacrament of marriage that invites and welcomes the very presence of God.” As I was introduced to that thought, I began to see the importance of waiting until after marriage to become sexually intimate.

Elder Holland described this purpose of marital sexuality:

“ Sexual intimacy is . . . symbolic of a union between mortals and deity, between otherwise ordinary and fallible humans, uniting for a rare and special moment with God himself and all the powers by which he gives life in this wide universe of ours” . . . I could not have expressed it better myself. Personally, for me, I’ve grown to better understand and appreciate sexual intimacy far beyond the physical because I now understand it in a more spiritual sense. 

Strengthening bonds

The second purpose, strengthening emotional and spiritual bonds in marriage, is likewise explained in various religious views around the world. 

President Spencer W. Kimball taught that the intimacy of sexual relations in marriage is a way of expressing love for one’s partner in marriage. He said, “There is nothing unholy or degrading about sexuality in itself, for by that means men and women join . . . in an expression of love”  

I strongly believe that a bond is strengthened after sexual intimacy. The love grows stronger and the emotional connection goes deeper. I guess that’s why there are so much heartache and pain in the world today. There is a constant growth of premarital sexual intimacy.

In fact, Christians aren’t the only one who thinks this way. From an Islamic point of view, the purpose of sexual intimacy is for the mutual pleasure and bonding of a wife to her husband. In Islam, M. Holland (1998) explained that one of the benefits of marriage is to obtain peace of mind. He goes on to state that the pleasure derived from sexual intercourse between a husband and wife is an example of happiness in the afterlife.


 The last purpose of marital physical intimacy and by far not the least important is procreation, and continuing of the generations. This is emphasized not only by the Latter-day Saint faith but also by numerous other religions around the world. 

According to Ghazzali, an imam and author in the Islamic faith, the main purpose of marriage is to beget children. He further states, “The [wife’s] uterus is the fertile field and both the male and female organs are the tools for cultivation.”

 Latter-day scripture confirms God’s injunction to “multiply” (Moses 2:28), that “the Gods” caused men and women to be fruitful in the context of lawful marriage, and They blessed marriage and gave it to Adam and Eve to be holy as the gate-way of premortal spirits into this phase of their eternal progression.

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam point to the scriptural reference when God blessed Adam and Eve and told them, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth” (Genesis 1:28). 

What could I possibly add that could echo even an ounce of importance to what has already been declared? It is clear to see that it is no coincidence that the same mandate is echoed throughout the different religions. The act of procreation is very important and sacred.

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