Faith and the Family

Faith and the Family


“Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ.” The Family: A Proclamation to the world. I have witnessed such happiness as my family has made Jesus Christ the center of our home. Establishing a foundation of faith is very important in ensuring a family’s eternal success. Studies have shown that families who establish a foundation of faith are more likely to avoid conflict, keep marital fidelity, and understand the importance of being equally yoked.

Avoid Conflict

Some research has shown that significant religious differences among spouses have been linked to increased risks of violence and contention. From a young age, I witnessed the outcome of religious differences and contention among close family members within their families. It sometimes made me wonder if I would experience that same thing in my future family. As I grew older and developed a relationship with God I fully understood that without a foundation of unified faith in the family the likelihood of success is very narrow.

Keep Marital Fidelity

Based on studies by Atkins and colleagues(2001) only people who were in happy marriages and were involved in frequent religious activities were less likely to engage in infidelity. Creating a happy marriage takes work and so does creating a happy family. I have found that happiness in my marriage is dependent on our individual relationship with God. Faith in His Son Jesus Christ fuels our desire to stay faithful to each other. I have recognized that just attending church isn’t enough to remain faithful. It’s about being active in scripture study and prayer both as individuals and as a family and doing our best to serve God with our might, mind, and strength.  

Understand the importance of being equally yoked.

This last point is especially important because in many cases it has made or even broken families. Bahr’s (1981) findings state that “same faith marriage is much more stable than inter-faith marriage.” Similar to the first point made, religious differences have been known to destroy families. To avoid this from happening many religious leaders have often counseled against interfaith marriage.

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