Meaningless relationship: Boy, bye!

Meaningless relationship: Boy, bye!


Let’s talk about meaningless relationships! So, here is the blunt truth of why you keep entering these relationships and not receiving any commitments.  I always hear “ Guys don’t like to commit” when in reality they do. You’re just not the one he wants to commit to, Sis. A guy can tell from day one if he wants to spend the rest of his life with you or not. Please do not let his silly excuses for not being in a better financial situation or waiting for the right time to cloud your judgment. 

The harsh and painful truth is, sometimes we just aren’t as important to people as we might assume we are. My advice? Create boundaries and have clear expectations when you are dating. If you don’t, you will find yourself in the same wasted relationships over and over again.

Have I caught your attention yet? Good! Please stop letting the idea of who someone has the potential to be, blind you from seeing what is being presented right in front of you. I am pretty sure that we all have a good idea of what and who we want. Don’t settle. Women have more power than we realize and it is time that we starting using it for our good. So, you want that guy you’ve been dating for years to propose? Stop giving him husband privileges. He doesn’t deserve that. Besides, he will never see the need to make you his wife if you are already acting like one.

 During my time of dating, I’ve come to realize that some guys are very good at guilt-tripping women into thinking that the standards they’ve set for themselves are wack. Boy bye, you’re wack!

Why are we settling? Why are we encouraging it? I do understand that there are some women out there who have no desire of getting married and Sis, you do you, but for those who want to, it’s time to start taking control.

Y’all have a shared bank account? Cut it.

Living together? move out.

Giving up the coochie? Stop it! It’s not his, girl.

More than half of the time we know that we deserve better but we settle because we think that this is the best there is. Well, it will only be the best there is if we allow it to be. If he has no intention of making you his wife then, it’s time for him to go.

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  1. Querida

    Preach it!

  2. Kiaejah Ryan

    Soo true

    1. Carina

      Spot on!! Dang I had a conversation with a friend of mine the other day and I told her the same things.. BOY BYE PERIOD

  3. Arelena

    So true hunni

    1. Trev

      Well said. Definitely was worth the read!

  4. Daniele

    Thanks for sharing hon sms

  5. Brensyl

    This was funny but very true, thanks for laying out the facts in a fun way lol

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