Motherhood : A Divine Calling

Motherhood : A Divine Calling


Having a child is an extraordinary experience; a blessing, to be exact and I have been immensely blessed to experience this. It is said that motherhood is a partnership with God and it is the noblest calling of them all. To be honest, sometimes, I don’t know whether I should be honored or scared of that statement.  Truth is:

I worry way more now than I ever did in my entire life, 

I have become an emotional wreck over the simplest things,

and to top it all off, I am constantly paranoid about what danger will fall upon my daughter when I am not looking.

Sometimes I feel myself being consumed by all these overheads that come with being a mother that I often forget to take care of me. 

Every action I take now is based on how the outcome affects my daughter. I know, I know you are probably thinking what a mess being a mother can be and if you are not a mother as yet and you’re reading this now, you are probably having second thoughts but, don’t turn your head just yet.  Because even though I haven’t had a good piece of sleep since my first trimester (such distant memory), I still wouldn’t trade my position for anything this world could offer. 

Yeah, I may cry more often. I may throw a fit or two but who wouldn’t? After all, we aren’t called “mama bears” for no reason. Becoming a mother and experiencing motherhood, has been a lifelong dream and though it’s nothing that I’d imagine it’s everything I’ve always wanted.

I must be honest with you though, there are some things that I never expected to happen. Like, how can this tiny human just come and take up all the space in my heart? Is it even possible to love her more than I already do? Gosh I love her so much!

I never knew that it was even possible to love someone else so much other than my husband. My emotional balance may be weak but the love that I have as a mother has made me stronger.

When it’s all said and done, no matter how much she makes me talk and I have to tell her to sit down in the chair and not stand in it, or how many times she throws her toys out of the door or, tries to push metal objects into the electrical outlets (I had to baby proof all of the outlets by the way), I LOVE being her mother.

After all, “Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed.”- A mother somewhere out there.

                                                Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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  1. Dru

    Amazing post and happy mothers day!!

  2. Arelena

    You never cease to amaze me hunni all your blogs are so encouraging and shows how strong of a woman you are you have overcome so many things in life and I pray that God keeps you always and that you continue writing those blogs because they really helpful stay as sweet as you are blessings and Ioving those pictures especially your profile picture keep up the good work darling

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