Self Care, My Year!

Self Care, My Year!


Before having my daughter, I was so into skincare and keeping my body right and tight in all the right places. You couldn’t tell me anything! *snap fingers*But, I have been so focused on keeping her alive that I didn’t realize that I was just letting myself go. I started losing weight drastically, my energy level stayed on ‘E’ and my emotions were always haywire.

 It is so easy for us to get lost and consumed into all the happenings around us that we often neglect our own well-being without realizing the serious consequences.

So here are 5 things that I do now to take care of myself, and maintain a positive flow.

  1. Exercise, Exercise and more Exercise

I can never grow tired of expressing how important exercise is to me. My productivity level increases within a matter of minutes after I work out. I normally work out from the comfort of my home and it is usually just a combination of stretches, cardio and using my body weight. Nothing too fancy, but it keeps the blood flowing.

  1. Hydration

When I was younger, I just couldn’t stand drinking water. It was just so boring and bland and I would just opt for juice and tell myself “at least I am drinking something” right? *shrugs shoulders*. Well, now that I’m in my older years (forever 25 by the way) I realize how important drinking water is even if the taste is still so bland. My face and body feel and look so much better and I just feel good all around. I gotta love me some H20!

  1. Skincare

The bible talks about putting on the armor of God and I just love how it refers to us protecting our spirit from filth. But I like to take it a step further by protecting my skin (my physical armor) too. I have been using my absolute favorite cleansing brush daily along with some oils and moisturizers and LET ME TELL YOU! I feel like a brand new woman when I am done. My confidence boosts 10x more and I am ready to take on the world. Where’s Goliath?

  1. Watching my favorite shows

Yeah, I’m a bit of a plain Jane I get it but, I just love cuddling up on the couch, dropping some popcorn seeds in a brown paper bag, slipping them in the microwave for 1 minute and 20 seconds(yummy!) and catching up on some of my favorite t.v shows on Netflix.  


  1. Getting my hair done

I do not get my hair done as often and as frequently as I would like but, when I do, your girl be feeling like Sasha Fierce. I am more confident to step outside of my house and you can’t stop me from staring in the mirrors. I just know that my husband be feeling me too cause… let’s just end it there *wink*.

You just gotta do what you makes you happy. Find that time to reconnect to you and your purpose. Be authentic and block out the noise of the world. Be free, do you, be fierce!

Comment below some of your self care tips.

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