True Friends, PLEASE!

True Friends, PLEASE!


There is a quote by CS Lewis that I love! And it goes, “Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another, ‘What? You too? I thought I was the only one. “And you know what? I think my man Lewis might just be on to something.

This world we live in can be a real jungle at times with everybody out there roughing it. Life happens, and there’s often a high chance of us getting blindsided by it, but nothing beats having a squad you can rough it out with. True friends you can lean on when we you feel like your side has been blown out on the battle field of life (okay that last metaphor was a bit graphic but you know what I mean).

Throughout our lives, we develop different types of friends: those that we met during our childhood years, those that we meet along the way and occasionally have conversations with, and then those that are imprinted in our hearts. These are ones who we consider true friends.

We are our true and vulnerable selves around them.

They have seen us at our worst and know when to allow us to break down and let it all out.

They are the deliverers of hard truths. They know the exact words to use to lovingly guide us.

They have seen us at our best. Our success is their success.

They know us! They know us better than we know ourselves sometimes and we know them too!

They are there through the highs and lows without judgment.

I have a few true friends in my life whom I am eternally grateful for. It’s just something about having someone else other than my spouse to share my love with. It is so hard to choose a best friend because they are all so unique and awesome! Why do I have to choose who gets crowned with the title “best friend” anyway?

However, we need to be careful for mistaking our true friends for perfect beings. Like relationships, friendships take work – hard work at times! Like relationships there can be break-ups and I’ve had to learn this the hard way after I lost a friend that was so dear to me. Losing this friend left a cut that is so deep, the scar is still raw.

No one’s perfect, and some of us are trying in our own little way to become better than we were yesterday. So let’s learn to love and forgive for today is all that we are sure of. Be the friend you’d want others to be to you and push that positive energy out, because as much as karma is a…. Well, you know what she is, she also has a twin sister that’s beautiful and is willing to return to you the same love that you put out into the world.

I feel like such a saps for friendships but you know what? we are all that we’ve got in this world so, why not?

Comment below to share what you think a true friend is.

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  1. Dru

    I loved this post. It brings a quote back to mind, “Good friend are like diamonds precious and rare” honestly don’t remember if I read it in a book or hear it In a movie but it stands true!
    Thanks for sharing this! It’s always exciting to read your blog post!

  2. Jared

    Absolutely beautiful! I feel many of these same sentiments to meet a friend who I can really have an honest conversation especially when im in the wrong and know I won’t feel judged or imperfect but rather uplifted and free no amount of money can buy.

  3. Zia A.

    A true friend is you! 💜

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