Wholesome Family Recreation

Wholesome Family Recreation


I am sure that we can all agree that 2020 has been a different year. A year full of heartaches and reflections but despite all that has happened so far, I know that there is still much to be grateful for. I think that it has helped a lot of us to recognize the importance of family. While many of us were thankful for the opportunity to be home with our families, we were still distracted and isolated by technology, taking us away from what truly matters the most, quality time. While technology is a marvelous invention, we must be careful to never make it the center of our lives. I want to dive a little bit into three types of leisure according to, Orthner & Moncen, 1990.

1. Parallel

It involves multiple members of the family doing the same thing but not interacting with each other very much.

E.g.: Watching a movie or tv show

From my experience, this has got to the most used leisure. How many of us are guilty of using “going to the movies” for a date? While I enjoy watching movies with my husband, we both recognized that it isn’t as wholesome and, although we are spending time together, it isn’t quality time. Don’t get me wrong! some of these moments are and can be enjoyable.

2. Joint

Recreational activities that involve high levels of communication and interdependence.

E.g.: Rock climbing, playing chess

Research suggests that these types of activities lead to the highest marital satisfaction. (Holman & Jacquart, 1988; Orthner, 1978) Who would have known that these strenuous activities would bring you more joy in your marriage? I HATE hiking and anything that involves long walking and climbing, but I can tell you that they are my most memorable and enjoyable experiences. My husband and I hiked a bit during our courting stage and we had most of our heartfelt conversations on these journeys. I even learned how to play chess somewhat. I treasure these moments the most.

3. Independent

Those activities are undertaken alone by individuals.

This type of pleasure isn’t bad. We do need time to unwind and enjoy our own company. I think the problem comes when we are lost into doing our own thing that we cannot enjoy good ole family fun.

Wholesome Family Recreation is needed, especially during this time. It can and will bring families together once done with real intent.

What are some activities you enjoy doing with your family?

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  1. Flor

    Definitely, I agree that the parallel is one of the most common ones. In the independent one could be also that it includes time with friends? I think it is important to maintain separate individual friendships that allow couples their space and expression. As much as I enjoy spending time with my partner we both take time out apart to especially just be with our individual friends which is a nice treat for the both of us.

  2. Toya

    Agreed that wholesome family time is important. We have to be deliberate about incorporating it into our lives.

  3. Nicole Shanick

    2020 has been the year in not only appreciating personal time but valuing time spent with family and friends. I believe all the types of leisure are equally important in creating a wholesome individual which personally would be an asset to any relationship.

  4. Kelly P

    I liked this post. It was a simple reminder to show us how to take care of our families. Families are definitely eternal and we must do all that we can to make sure they are taken care of. My family and I enjoy going to the beach. It has become a monthly tradition!

    1. Avicia

      Nice post! ….. parallel is definitely the most common one used among me and my significant other. We need to make time to do some joint activities as quality time is indeed important. Think I’m going to plan a beach trip soon…. thanks!

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